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How to Choose your Engagement Session Location

Finding the perfect location for your nuptials is like finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with… when you know, you know! How do you find your dream engagement location, though? It doesn’t have to coordinate with your wedding’s overall vibe, but it could. Your engagement photos are a chance to be creative and let loose, but maybe you’d rather do something more timeless. The choices are endless and enough to make your head spin- so I’ve put together a guide on how to choose the perfect location for your engagement session. 


If you’re obsessed with your wedding venue and want to keep the entire wedding wrapped in a neat, little, curated package, this option is for you! Utilizing your venue for your portrait session will ensure that your photos match the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding. It can also be a great option to set your guest’s expectations up for success before they arrive, as they’ll get a sense of the overall vibe of the occasion. Check-in with your venue’s coordinator to organize the session- they tend not to like surprises! 


Colleges offer a unique backdrop for your engagement photos. They often have beautiful historic architecture, which can add a sense of elegance and grandeur to your photos. Plus, colleges typically have vast, sprawling lawns and gardens, which can provide a serene and peaceful setting for your images. If you and your partner are alumni of the same college, it can be an especially meaningful location for your portraits, bringing back sentimental memories of your time there. If the school is a popular landmark in your city, it can serve as a way to celebrate your hometown or adopted city.


Cities are incredible sources of inspiration for engagement sessions. They have an energy and vibrancy that make for stunning photos. Urban landscapes provide an incredible variety of backdrops, from colorful murals to towering skyscrapers. Rooftop portraits will provide a bird’s eye view of the cityscape, while street photography can offer your images an authentic and candid feel. Plus, cities have an inherently romantic feel; after all, they’re the perfect setting for a romantic stroll through the park or a candlelit dinner at a trendy restaurant.

Local Parks and Botanical Gardens

Parks and gardens are two very different but equally beautiful options for your portrait session. Parks often have large, open areas with plenty of natural light, which can be used to create bright and airy portraits. On the other hand, botanical gardens offer a wealth of color, texture, and natural beauty that can add depth and interest to your images. Both locations offer plenty of opportunities for candid shots and playful moments.

Above the Clouds

You’re only getting married once, so why not indulge in some travel? Traveling to a destination location for your engagement photos opens up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s a sun-kissed beach, wandering through the cobblestone streets of a charming European village, or standing atop a majestic mountain peak, the choices are as boundless as your imagination. Embracing this unconventional approach adds an element of excitement and allows you to scope out potential honeymoon spots as you witness firsthand the allure of these extraordinary destinations.

Ultimately, the perfect location for your engagement photo session is one that is meaningful and special to you and your partner. Whether you choose your wedding venue, your alma mater, a bustling city, or a serene park, your photos should reflect the love and happiness that you feel on your big day. So, do your research, weigh your options, trust your instincts, and when in doubt, ask your photographer!

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