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Emily and Noah, two star-crossed lovers, met while attending Davidson College in North Carolina. Although they had different educational goals – he was studying theology, and she was pursuing a career in medicine – their shared curiosity for the world around them connected them in an unbreakable bond of love and admiration.

Emily & Noah | Davidson College Presbyterian Church Wedding

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No one wishes for rain on their wedding day, so why is it often referred to as good luck? On the big day, ‘you’ll tie the knot,’ linking together two individual ropes that will forever be tied. A wet knot is tough to unravel; rain on the wedding day insinuates that the marriage will last. Sarah and Greg’s wedding day was the luckiest as they wed in the middle of Hurricane Julia.

Sarah & Greg | Connecticut Estate Wedding

Sarah & Greg | Kelsie Elizabeth Photography
dad holding newborn girls hand in heirloom dress with their puppy in the background

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I love when people share my name with their neighbor. It allows me the opportunity to meet new people and possibly become new friends. It’s the reason I do what I do, I love to meet new people! There is also nothing better than holding a newborn baby. It is truly a gift to be […]

Harper | Newborn Lifestyle